Revolving Expand Led Screen

1.Industrial grade large rotary support design, the lifetime can be more than 20 years.2.It can realize 360 degree rotation and expanding, and there will be no winding problem of wires and signal wires under any circumstances.3.Adopting module combination mode, the screen  is easy to install, dismantle and maintain.4.The industrial programmer and stepping servo motor are used to replace the ordinary mechanical motor, so the positioning is more accurate.

Model One:

Total Height:14m;Pixel pitch:6mm;

Single Screen Size:3.648m(W)*2.112m(H);Screen Area in total:69.34m2.

Model Two:

Total Height:12m;Pixel pitch:6mm;

Single Screen Size:3.072m(W)*1.92m(H);Screen Area in total:53m2.

Model Three:

Total Height:10m;Pixel pitch:6mm;

Single Screen Size:2.688m(W)*1.536m(H);Screen Area in total:37.16m2.

Model Four:

Total Height:8m;Pixel pitch:6mm;

Single Screen Size:2.112m(W)*1.152m(H);Screen Area in total:21.90m2.

Mark: We can also supply the goods upon customer’s request.

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