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Sphere Led Display

360 ° full visual angle, omni-directional video playback, any angle can feel good visual effect, no plane viewing angle problem.sphere led display is the special design which can help to attract more people viewing the advertisement.we can accept the customized diameter both for indoor and outdoor.

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  • Basic parameter of P4 indoor Full Color LED Ball
Item PH4
Basic parameter LED SMD 3-in-1
Pixel pitch 4mm
Pixel composition 1R1G1B
Basic color Red(Wave length 520-630nm)

Green(Wave length 520-530nm)

Blue(Wave length 465-475nm)

Pixel density 62500dots/㎡
Blind dots ≤1/10000
Module split joint seam ≤1㎜
Best viewing distance 4-200m
Surface flatness ≤1㎜
Uniformity Uniform brightness, uniformity 1:1.3
Circuit board layout Reasonable layout,circuit standard and aesthetic
Working temperature -40°~70°
Humidity 20°~90°
Electricity Input voltage(AC) 85V-265V
Linkage current < 3mA
Input frequency 60/50HZ
Input Average power 275W/m2
Input max. power 780W/m2
Control system Host operating system Windows
Synchronous with computer(display)
Main technical parameters LED drive 1/16scan Constant current
Refresh frequency 1200Hz
Grey grade 8192 grade
Brightness ≥1800cd/㎡
Life span 100000 hours
Continuous failure-free working time ≥10000hours
Interface RJ45 100M Ethernet network
Communication media,control distance Multimode optical fiber<500m,single mode fiber < 30km,cat 5cable < 100m

Note:Accept the customized solution both for indoor and outdoor.

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