Mobile Foldable Led Screen

Easywalker series is a flexible led screen,it is all-in-on design,suitalbe for samll scale rental business,also it is easy to transport it and install it,widely used in indoor and outdoor stage construction,like sports,transportation,performance,exhibition,rental etc).

Model Easywalker3 Easywalker6 Easywalker6
Pitch(mm) P3.9 P6 P6
Waterproof Indoor  IP43 Indoor IP43 Indoor IP54
LED type SMD2020 SMD3528 SMD3528
Scan mode 16 16 8
Max brightness(nits) 1500 2000 4000
Operating voltage DC24V DC24V DC24V
Average power(w/m2) 200 150 300
Max refresh rate(kHz) 4000 4000 8000
Unit size(mm*mm) 1*1.75 0.768*1.728 0.768*1.728
Single-sided thickness 23 15 15
Weight(kg/m2) <83 <53 <53
Magnet Yes No No
Quick Maintenance Yes No No
Battery standby time(h) 4 5 3
Audio function Support Support Support
Asynchronous function Support Support Support
Connection type 68pin(Main) 2+14pin 2+14pin

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