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Creativc supplies customized service for the projects as following, like rotating led screen, flexible led screen, transparent led screen and so on.15 years of professional experience, fast response, no minimum order, the trusted led screen supplier.

The application environment of Led Screen is more and more and it can be seen in many indoor and outdoor places. Like streets, shopping malls, cinema, buildings, Meeting room and so on. The common LED Screen shape is square, but with the continuous development of science and technology, the creative customization LED Screen is turning more popular, now can customize the shape according to the user’s requirements and use environment, the shape mainly can be divided into the following types:


Inner and Outer Arc Led Screen:

In the case of a large Arc, like wave, Ribbon type on the stage, the general LED screen module cannot be used, but the flexible led screen module successfully solved this problem.


Cylindrical Led Screen:

In some hotels, conference rooms, bars and other lobbies, many columns are cylindrical. The designers will design these columns into led screens and play some special videos to improve the decoration level or create a special atmosphere. It is very complex to use conventional LED screens, but the soft led modules are easy to make.


Rotating led Screen:

With the development of Commercial, there are many famous Shopping Center all over the world which need creative led screen solutions, by integrating mechanical and physical movement, PLC automatic programming, Internet remote control, other technologies, now Rotating led screens are well pop up.


Transparent led screen:

In the case of Glass window on the building or along the street, the transparent led screen is turning up. The highest transparency can reach 86%, without blocking daily light. What is more, the transparent led screen has flexible solutions according the use environment, like adhesive tape transparent led screen, led curtain screen, soft mesh led screen and so on.


Micro led screen:

In the case of VR equipment, conference room, cinema and monitor room, as the 4K ,8k and 3D video turning more in market, people have high request to the high definition, the micro led screen which base on COB technology successfully fulfil a role for this issue. Now the smallest pixel pitch can be 0.4mm.


With the improvement of living standard and the led field technology, the individual demand becomes the mainstream, there will be more and more applications of creative led screen all over the world.