What is adhesive led screen?

In order to adapt the various application, with the development of science and technology, led screen technologies are also innovated a lot and adhesive led screen is one of them.

  1. What is adhesive led screen?

Using the specific bare chip, the Led components are fixed on the

High-permeability PCB board, through the unique glue covering process, the whole display module is integrated into a high transmittance optical board with a minimum thickness of 3mm.

  1. Main features of adhesive led screen.

Super Thin and Super Light: Thickness 1-3mm, weight 1-3.5kg/m2 .

Without the limit of size: According to the size of the glass, it can be cut into the required length.

Support Bendable: Flexible and can fit in any curved glass.

Easy installation and maintenance: Only need to stick the adhesive led screen on the glass first, then connect the signal and power.

The replacement part can be removed within one minute.

Save the cost: no need to change the building appearance or add the steel structure which can effectively reduce the transportation and installation cost.

  1. Application of Adhesive led screen

Adhesive led screen can stick on the glass walls of the building, The store glass along the street, glass guardrail, the transportation hub station.