The selection guide of the outdoor full color led display

First Step: Understand the configuration parameters. The configuration is mainly related to LED tubes, chips, packaging manufacturers, etc., which will directly affect the screen refresh rate, gray level, energy saving and other performance.

Item PRO Economic
Lamp configuration High-quality copper wire lamp, stable quality and good consistency Standard copper wire lamp
White balance brightness >4500cd/m2 >4200cd/m2
IC configuration Energy-saving high-brush PWM models, dynamic energy-saving high-brush PWM-SS models The basics of light up and simple elimination.
Refresh Rate 3840HZ 1920HZ
Grayscale 14-16bit 12-13bit
Starting voltage 4.2v/4.5V 4.5V
After-sales service 3 years 1year
Model P2.5、P3、P4、P5、P6、P8、P10 P2.5、P3、P4、P5、P6、P8


Second Step: Determine the pixel pitch

1.Preliminarily determine the pixel pitch according to the optimal viewing distance.

Generally speaking, the viewing distance of outdoor full-color LED display is more than 8 meters. According to the formula: optimal viewing distance=pixel pitch*1.3*1000, the suitable pixel pitch can be calculated as 6mm-8mm.

2.Determine the pixel pitch combining the resolution and screen area.

Product 720P(1280*720) 1080P(1920*1080) 4K(3840*2160) 8K(7680*4320)
P2.5 6.14m2 13.06 m2 52.22 m2 208.89 m2
P3 9.32 m2 20.43 m2 79.56 m2 318.25 m2
P4 14.75 m2 33.18 m2 132.71 m2 530.84 m2
P5 23.55 m2 52.22 m2 208.90 m2 829.44 m2
P6 41.47 m2 92.16 m2 368.64 m2 1474.56 m2
P8 58.98 m2 132.71 m2 530.84 m2 2123.36 m2


Third Step: Combined with the budget, select the pixel pitch and determine the final purchase scheme.