Indoor Full-color Led Display

Shanghai Creativc Industrial  Co.,Ltd. is a top level China  LED display manufacturer and supplier with professional factory, we are always at your service. Welcome to wholesale big TV, HD LED screen, HD LED display, indoor LED signs, indoor LED screens, indoor LED displays, indoor video wall, LED display screen, indoor fixed LED screen, indoor fixed LED display from us.

Pixel pitch Led Size/Color Resolution  (dot/m2) Module Size Brightness(CD/m2) Cabinet Size (Steel/Aluminium)
P1.875 SMD1515/Black 284444 240*240 600 only module
P1.904 SMD1515/Black 275625 320*160 600 only module
P2 SMD1515/Black 250000 256*128 600 only module
P2.5 SMD2121/Black 160000 320*160 900 640*640
P3 SMD2121/Black 111111 192*96 900 576*576
P4 SMD2121/Black 62500 256*256 900 512*512
P5 SMD2121/Black 40000 320*160 800 640*640

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