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Floor Led Display

The special effect of floor led screen in the stage performance has been used vividly,creating an audio-visual feast that is magnificent and modern.it can be installed by slide guide or stand .it also has the waterproof and interactive solution.

floor led display2

Model C-FLOOR-7.8 C-FLOOR-10 C-Floor-16
LED Encapsulation SMD3528 SMD3528 SMD5050
Viewing angle(H/V) 160/140 160/140 160/140
Pixel pitch 7.8mm 10mm 16mm
Scanning/driving 1/8,constant current 1/8,constant current 1/8,constant current
Module size 250mm*250mm 320mm*160mm 256mm*128mm
Cabinet Size 500mm*500mm 640mm*640mm 512mm*512mm
Cabinet Resolution 64dots*64dots 64dots*64dots 32dots*32dots
Power/cabinet(Max/Avg) 100w/25w 200w/50w 80w/25w
Cabinet material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
IP grade IP54 IP54 IP65
Application Indoor Indoor Indoor
Brightness >1500cd/m2 >1500cd/ m2 >5500cd/ m2
Pixel Density(dots/m2) 16384 10000 3906
Operating Temperature AC220V/110V AC220V/110V AC220V/110V
Working temperature -25℃-45℃ -25℃-45℃ -25℃-45℃
Working Humidity 10%-50% 10%-50% 10%-50%
Lifetime >100000H >100000H >100000H

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