Five Wire Resistive Touch Screen

5 Wire Resistive Touch Screen

Resistive touch screens are generally built with two layers of electrically conductive materials (ITO Indium Tin Oxide or ATO Antimony Tin Oxide) separated by insulated dots. When an object touches the device, the two layers come into contact and produce a change in the electrical current for the device to register the signal as an analog touch event. The signal is then transported passed by the circuit and to be converted into a digital signal by the controller enabling the device to compute the exact location of the touch event.

ITO Film <>PET
we offer ITO films of 3H in scratch hardness. Our ITO films come in two specifications: the Anti-Glare (Haze 8%±3%) and Glare (Haze 4%±3%).

ITO Glass<>Glass Substrate
we offer ITO glasses of four varying thicknesses: 0.7mm, 1.1mm, 1.8mm and 2.8mm. In addition, we also offer tempered glass solutions.

Product Advantages

  • The touch screen retains normal functionality even with considerable surface damage such as scratches, cuts, and gouges. ITO glass must remain intact for functionality.
  • Manufactured with 500℃ high temperature process to deliver stable product quality, making it better suited for industrial products.
  • Instead of being glued, the tail is soldered on, improving connection stability and durability.
  • Ambient temperature and humidity resistance testing guarantee that Groovy 5 wire touch screens are superior in hot and humid conditions. They are capable of retaining normal appearance.
  • Refined and reliable manufacturing technologies for large size screens; we accept custom orders with dimensions up to 26″.


Item Standard Industry
Input Mode Finger or Stylus
Operating Temperature -10°C-70°C -30°C-80°C
Transparency 80%
Linearity 1.0%
Hardness 3H
Operating Force <50g
Draw Test 100000
Knock Test 10,000,000
Customize Various Size 5-26inch
Glass Substrate 1.1/1.8/2.8mm
Scope of Application Smart Phones,PDA,GPS,MP3 Player,Monitor


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